Tuesday, April 30, 2013

field of dreams


Feeling a bit overwhelmed last week when leaving Tudor Hall Farm with the weekend's ham supply, doing some yoga breathing while driving down their rocky lane which leads to the main highway..... I had to pull over and take in the beauty and calmness. Felt a tear of happiness roll down my cheek. Taking a deep breath so my hands wouldn't shake as I focused my camera, snap.  Lucky, huh?

It's been 3 months since I left behind a great job, benefits, friends, security, coworkers, paychecks, bonus's etc. to end up on a road alone, crying, taking pictures of beautiful rural scenery with my Mini packed to the roof with root beer, plastic spoons, coffee beans, 50 pounds of cake flour, a cooler filled with 10 dozen fresh farm eggs, 2 10 pound hams, & dairy order from Trickling Springs Creamery.

That moment last week helps me travel down this crazy unpredictable lovely path I have chosen to follow.

I found this chart on Cup of Jo's blog and I think it sums up what I was experiencing last week. I will, KEEP ON TRUCKING!