Thursday, February 13, 2014

Preserving goodness



I am counting down the days till I will be attending the West Virginia Small Farm Conference, which will be held at the UWV in Morgantown. Once a year a class, Better Process Control School, is held for certification in canning. With this certification I will be qualified to sell my canned fruits, jams, sauces, pickles and vegetables. Very exciting for the Cowbell Kitchen.

My next BIG project is starting a community commercial kitchen. I am getting closer to signing the lease and building out the space!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed!
Found these pictures and I know why I am drawn to this skill. I do wish I could cook in a dress, heels and with my hair done! These ladies remind me of my Grandma Bertha, she always had a dress, hose, heels, hair coiffed and an apron the wrapped like 3 times around on at all times. Everything that came out of her kitchen rocked my world!
 Dreaming of shelves lined with beautiful products canned in adorable jars with clever labels, a girl can Dream!


                     haha, I love zombies! XOXO

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